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Everyone deserves to feel confident and healthy. Whether you want to address skin concerns or get a hydration boost, you can count on R&N Wellness Lounge to help. We're a vitamin bar, medspa and holistic club located in Bangor, ME. We offer a variety of skin enhancement and wellness services, including vitamin shots, Botox injections, filler injections, IV hydration treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments.

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What sets us apart?

While other medspas take a cookie-cutter approach to aesthetic and wellness treatments, we take the time to personalize our services to each client. No matter what you come to us for, we'll start with a pre-treatment consultation to make sure we know what your goals and desired results are. Since we offer a wide variety of product and service options, you'll be able to choose ones that fit you.

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We believe that everyone is unique, rare and valuable, just like a pearl. Just as no pearl is the same and all hold great value, Nicole's expertise ensures that your journey unfolds into a custom and true expression of your inherent beauty. You won't regret making us your go-to medspa in the Bangor, ME area. Our clients love working with us because...

  • Nicole seamlessly merges the precision of scientific process with her talent for creating art.
  • Our nurses have over 10 years of experience
  • We're open, friendly and welcoming to all kinds of clients
  • Our top priority is customer care and comfort
  • We take the time to listen to our clients and their needs

We look forward to meeting you soon! Reach out to us now if you have any questions about our services.

Support your immune system and hydration

Do you feel like you struggle to hydrate as much as you should? Do you want to give your body's immune system and metabolism a boost? Come to R&N Wellness Lounge in Bangor, ME for IV hydration services. IV therapy is a great way to support your hydration and improve your vitamin intake. You can also improve the appearance of your skin and have more daily energy with IV hydration.

To learn more about our IV therapy and vitamin shot options, reach out to us now. We'll be happy to discuss how our IV treatments can benefit you.

Thank you R&N Wellness Lounge. The IV Vitamin Infusion was just what I needed to get back on my feet after having pneumonia! ...

Margo S.

Went there on New Year's Eve with 2 friends. They pregamed with IVs and I got a massage in the chair. It's New Year's Day and my back doesn't hurt anymore and my friends aren't throwing up after the bottle of tequila they drank last night. Can't recommend this place enough. It truly is the ultimate pregame

Ian B.

I would highly recommend R&N Wellness Lounge! They are very professional and the vibe is so calming and relaxing! Nicole did a wonderful job with my lip filler! I definitely plan on going back!

Tatiana G.

Nicole is not only a great business owner, she is a fantastic nurse. There are so many things I can say about her personally because she takes care of me in my home. Nicole not only takes care of her patients, she does it with the highest level of care. She abides by ALL state and federal laws. Nicole is not a backyard botox nurse. Investment is second on her list. Her patients always come first. She goes above and beyond. I'm excited that she has opened Ruth and Naomi Medical Aesthetics to share her talent with the community. If you ever want to experience not only the best care. You will experience a level of care and education that will help you feel good about you. Thank you for being a wonderful nurse and creating a business that promotes self care.

Tammy M.

Great Consult!

Dustin L.

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