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Learn more about the esthetician behind R&N Wellness Lounge

Nicole seamlessly merges scientific precision with artistic expertise. She has over 10 years of experience as a critical access emergency nurse, so you can trust both her skill and bedside manner at R&N Wellness Lounge. You'll appreciate her ability to fuse education, science and art to transform all your natural beauty elements into a harmonious masterpiece.

Discuss your dreams and goals with Nicole today and become the person you've always wanted to be tomorrow.

Nicole's journey through art is a testament to the power of creativity as a form of solace and expression. Though life initially diverted her path away from her artistic inclinations, the diagnosis of her daughter with Type 1 diabetes became a catalyst for Nicole to rediscover her passion for painting.
In the midst of navigating the challenges of her daughter's condition, Nicole found refuge in her brushes and canvas. Through acrylics, she found a medium to channel her emotions, offering her a sanctuary where worries could dissipate amidst strokes of color and form.
Central to Nicole's artistic revival was her dear friend Teddi-Jann, whose unwavering support and shared love for art nurtured Nicole's burgeoning talent. Together, they embarked on art outings and attended events, fostering an environment where Nicole's creativity could flourish.
Today, Nicole's artwork adorns the lounge, each piece a reflection of her journey, from the tumultuous times of coping with her daughter's illness to the moments of serenity and beauty she discovered through her craft. Through her cloudscape creations, she invites others to share in the tranquility she finds above the turmoil of life, offering a glimpse of hope and beauty in the midst of adversity.

How she started the Business:
Nicole's journey in Emergency Medicine is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her patients and her profession. With a passion for the fast-paced environment and the challenge it posed, Nicole dedicated two decades of her life to serving others in the emergency room.

Throughout her career, Nicole embodied the essence of nursing - bringing hope and a smile to patients even on their darkest days. However, the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the pandemic reshaped the landscape of healthcare and the politics surrounding it.

As the pandemic took its toll on both patients and healthcare workers alike, Nicole found herself grappling with an emptiness that words could scarcely describe. The weight of the years of relentless dedication coupled with the strain of navigating through the pandemic left her feeling depleted, as if the term "broken" fell short in capturing the depth of her emotions.

After twenty years of tireless service, Nicole made the difficult decision to retire from Emergency Medicine in the spring of 2022. It was a decision borne out of a need for self-care and reflection, recognizing the toll that the profession had taken on her both physically and emotionally.

Though she may have hung up her stethoscope, Nicole's legacy in Emergency Medicine continues to resonate through the countless lives she touched and the compassion she brought to her work. While her journey in the emergency room may have come to a close, her spirit of dedication and service will undoubtedly endure, inspiring others in the field for years to come. Her decision to hang up her stethoscope serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of self-care and resilience in the face of relentless challenges.

The path to the founding of R&N
Nicole's journey took an unexpected turn as she embarked on a new chapter outside the confines of the emergency room. What was meant to be a summer of healing turned into a profound experience of compassion and companionship.

Responding to the desperate call of a client in need of in-home nursing care, Nicole found herself drawn to a new role as a steadfast advocate and caregiver. With unwavering dedication, she committed herself to providing comfort and support to her client, who was facing a terminal illness.

Over the course of nearly two years, Nicole formed a deep bond with her client and their family, transcending the traditional boundaries of nurse and patient. Their relationship evolved beyond the confines of medical care, blossoming into a profound friendship built on trust, empathy, and shared experiences.

In February 2024, faced with the difficult decision of continuing in the role of private duty nursing, Nicole made a choice that reflected the depth of their connection. Recognizing the importance of their friendship, she chose to step back from her nursing duties, prioritizing their emotional well-being over the clinical aspects of care.

Nicole's decision spoke volumes about her character and values, encapsulating the essence of true compassion and human connection. In her own words, she articulated the profound truth that sometimes, the need for a friend outweighs the need for a nurse.

As Nicole and her client embarked on this new phase of their relationship, their bond served as a testament to the transformative power of empathy, kindness, and genuine companionship in the face of adversity. Through their journey together, Nicole continued to exemplify the essence of nursing - not merely as a profession, but as a deeply human experience rooted in compassion.

Nicole's journey into entrepreneurship was not a solitary one. As she laid the foundation for R&N Wellness Lounge, she found unwavering support from an unexpected source-her loyal client turned friend.

Throughout the process of building her business, Nicole's patient stood by her side, offering encouragement, bouncing off ideas, and lending a compassionate ear to the challenges of entrepreneurship. Their bond deepened as they navigated the intricacies of launching a new venture together.

In a gesture of generosity and solidarity, Nicole's client went above and beyond, using her skills to develop the first website for R&N Wellness Lounge and providing the initial merchandise through her Etsy shop. It was a demonstration of friendship and solidarity that went beyond the confines of a typical client relationship.

Even as R&N Wellness Lounge flourished, the support from Nicole's client remained steadfast. Today, her Etsy shop is a platform developed and managed by Tamurai's Adventures to support their shared cause; to give to others.

Tamurai's Adventure reports that proceeds from the sales on the Etsy shop contribute to a scholarship fund for "first year medical students that have or had someone in their immediate family with a terminal illness. My goal is to help pay for the first four years of college". It's a testament to the enduring power of friendship, generosity, and shared values, as Nicole and her client work hand in hand to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.